Healthy Teen Relationships

Signs of Healthy Teen Relationships Healthy Teen Relationships

Is your relationship with your teenage daughter strained? Is your everyday life a host of teen issues and dramas? Do you sometimes get so frustrated that you want to pull your own hair out?

If you’re struggling to raise a teenager, you’re not alone. Things were tense before, but now, your daughter has a boyfriend, and things have gotten even worse. You know you need to give your daughter space to enjoy her dating life, but you have so many concerns. From substance abuse to unsafe sex, many teen issues can have serious consequences. By keeping an eye on things from afar, you can ensure your daughter remains safe.

Signs of Healthy Teen Relationships

1. There’s Plenty of Space

Healthy teen relationships involve space. Your daughter’s partner shouldn’t get in the way of time with friends or family. Her schoolwork and extracurricular activities shouldn’t suffer.

2. She’s Allowed Her Own Opinions

It’s natural to be influenced by the people we spend time with, but if you notice that your daughter has suddenly adopted an entirely different worldview after spending time with a romantic interest, you have reason to be concerned. Make sure she understands that she doesn’t have to follow her partner’s lead in every way.

3. She’s Happy

Teen relationships should be lighthearted and fun. A mild argument now and again can be excellent for learning about communication, but if you notice the relationship seems to be dragging your daughter down, it might be time to have a talk.

Improving Mother Daughter Relationships

Your daughter is growing up, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still need you. If the two of you haven’t spent dedicated time together in a while, consider signing up for a retreat. When you escape your everyday routines, you gain the chance to see each other in a new light.

I facilitate private mother-daughter retreats in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. These retreats create a sacred and private space to work through tough issues as mother and daughter. We can discuss teen anxiety, teen self esteem, and other issues that might be causing pain in your daughter’s world and yours.

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