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Inspiring Healthy Teens and Creating Lifelong Self EsteemHealthy Teens

If there’s one thing that most teenagers have in common, it’s that they take their health for granted. There are teens who suffer from chronic health problems, but most youthful bodies are resilient enough to spare teens the health challenges faced by most older adults. For that reason, most teens don’t think about solidifying the healthy habits they will need when they’re older. Providing a positive influence will help teens stay healthy and have higher self esteem throughout their lives.

1. Diet

Since a speedy metabolism is one of the benefits of being young, it’s fine to let kids enjoy treats once in a while. However, if your teen is living off soda and candy and refusing to eat anything else, it might be time to intervene. Discuss healthy eating with your teens and relate it to things they will care about, such as having a nice body, growing healthy hair or maintaining beautiful skin. Eating lots of friends and vegetables can improve a person’s looks and vitality today, which a teen is going to care about much more than avoiding heart disease 30 years from now.

2. Avoiding Bad Habits

It’s natural for kids to be curious about things that are forbidden, so if your teen has tried smoking, you shouldn’t beat yourself up and feel like a failure as a parent. Smoking is another thing similar to diet where threats of cancer in 30 years or more are not going to do the trick. When talking to teens about smoking, focus on what will matter to them today, such as having nasty breath and yellow teeth.

3. Exercise

The best way to influence your teens to exercise is to be a healthy and active family unit. Go on walks together at the park, visit the rock-climbing gym or take part in a local triathlon for charity as a family. The more you make these things part of your everyday world as the kids are growing, the more they will consider an active lifestyle a given.

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