Promoting Healthy Body Image in Teen Girls Help our Teen Have a Healthy Body Image

A healthy body image sometimes feels like an elusive thing. We know it’s part of living our best lives, but have any of us achieved it? Perhaps the reason it’s so hard is that we were never taught to love ourselves as teens. Body image has always been difficult for young women, but in today’s era of Instagram perfection and high expectations, teaching our girls to cherish their bodies has become harder than ever.

1. Discussing the Variations of the Human Body

It’s important to discuss body image with our daughters if we want to avoid teen issues. When we do, we must help them understand that women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Your daughter may suffer from poor teen self esteem due to being too curvy, too thin, too tall, too flat chested, or anything else. Your job as a parent is to help her understand that she’s beautiful as she is. Diets and workouts exist to help make our bodies healthy and strong, but they should never be used to attempt to force the body to be something it isn’t.

2. Explaining the Effects of Puberty

Teen issues with self-worth during puberty are common. Your daughter’s body will be going through a lot of changes throughout these years. Make sure she understands that these changes are normal.

3. Helping Her Understand that the Internet is Fake

One of the most crucial things you can do to promote healthy body image in teens is to get them to understand that Instagram isn’t real. Even the most beautiful women on Instagram are faking the way they look in photographs. It’s not just makeup enhancements anymore. Software now erases every flaw a person has. Yet, teen girls are comparing themselves to these digitally enhanced photographs and feeling like they don’t measure up.

4. Being an Example

You can’t promote positive body image if you practice negative self-talk. Never speak negatively about the way you look. Practice positivity and self-love on your own, and it will rub off on your daughter. You are her biggest role model.

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