Helping Your Daughter With Issues around Friends

Teen Issues with Bullying: Helping Your Daughter Navigate Friendships 

Bullying is a common teen issue, and whether your daughter is bullying someone else, witnessing bullying or being bullied herself, it can be a troubling topic to bring up. If you see your daughter’s friend group falling apart, it might be time to step in and see if you can do some damage control.

1. If Your Daughter is a Bystander

Your daughter might be witnessing another girl in her group getting bullied or shunned. Maybe she doesn’t like it but isn’t sure what to do. If she speaks up in the girl’s defense, she will be bullied too.

Sit your daughter down and ask her whether she truly likes this other girl. If she does, then perhaps it’s more worth it to pursue a friendship with her rather than the bullies. If the fight is minor, you could invite all the girls over for a slumber party or dinner. That way, you can get a read on these other girls.

2. If Your Daughter is the Bully

No parent wants to admit that their child is doing something cruel or inappropriate, but acceptance is the first step toward making things better. You can’t deal with a problem unless you can directly address what that problem is.

If you’re sure that your daughter is responsible for shunning another girl in her group, sit her down for a talk. Find out why she felt the need to turn on her. Let her know that it’s fine to decide someone isn’t a good friend and move on, but that bullying is not acceptable.

3. If Your Daughter has Been Shunned

Rejection is a part of life. If your daughter has been shunned from her group of friends and efforts to reconnect haven’t worked, it might be time to move on. This can be devastating for a young teen, but it’s better to learn about rejection sooner than later. All you can do is soothe her broken heart and help encourage her to try activities where she can make new friends.

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