Helping Your Teen to be Grateful

Teaching an Attitude of Gratitude and Improving Teen Self Esteem Helping Your Teen to be Grateful

Gratitude is one of the most important qualities that a parent can instill in their children. When kids practice an attitude of gratitude, not only does it help avoid teen issues, but it also helps create even more positives in their lives.

1. Work on Gratitude as a Family

Thanksgiving is an excellent time to cultivate teen gratitude, but rather than waiting for a single day each year, why not make the expression of gratitude a weekly ritual? Gather your family at the dinner table and have everyone name something they feel lucky to have, whether it be a physical possession, a loved one or even the simple feeling of happiness. Your teens might roll their eyes, but this practice will benefit them whether they realize it or not.

2. Help the Less Fortunate

Volunteering is wonderful for encouraging teen self esteem. It’s natural for teens to be clueless about anything outside of their own little worlds, which is why exposure to the less fortunate helps encourage compassion and awareness. Bring your teens to a soup kitchen to help cook for the homeless, visit an animal shelter to walk the lonely dogs or simply gather some unused items from around the house for donation to survivors of major disasters. There is always someone who needs your help. When your teens realize this, they will likely feel grateful for their own privileged lives.

3. Practice What You Preach

Kids learn everything from the adults in their lives, and they pay more attention to actions than words. If you want to cultivate teen gratitude, you’ll have to practice what you preach. Start paying attention to the things you complain about, and ask yourself whether complaining is really benefiting you. Many people complain without even being aware of it. This is a bad habit than you can break if you choose.

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