Teens and Drugs: The Scary Ease of Getting Addicted to Opiates How easy is it for your teen to get hooked on Opioids

If you’re like most parents, you assume your child knows better than to touch drugs, especially hard drugs like meth or opiates. Sometimes, even the most dedicated students become addicted. In fact, high achievers often feel an increasing amount of academic and social pressure, leading them to become even more vulnerable to drug addiction. According to data from the American Society of Addiction Medicine, over 276,000 adolescents were using pain medicine for recreational reasons in 2015.

Teen Opioids: How a Good Kid Becomes a Drug User

It can happen with frightening ease. Your straight-A student gets a new friend. This friend introduces your teen to pills. You’ve taught your daughter all about the negatives of drug use, but since the friend seems fine, your daughter assumes the pills must not be as bad as people say. She tries them, and a few weeks later, she’s completely addicted.

She can’t come to you with the problem because she doesn’t want to disappoint you, so she keeps it hidden. At first, she’s able to maintain her addiction in secret, all the while keeping up with her schoolwork. As the problem worsens, she becomes overwhelmed, and since she can’t admit the addiction, she decides to let go of her dreams and embrace the darker side of life.

Teens and Drugs: The Signs to Look For

You don’t have to be paranoid, but it’s wise to keep your eyes open. Knowing what to watch for can make the difference between letting the above scenario play out and stopping it before the addiction reaches a critical point.

Signs of teen opioids use includes:

  • Sudden changes in the social life or relationships with family.
  • Acting confused or out of it.
  • Slipping with schoolwork or extracurricular activities.
  • Changes in sleeping or eating patterns.
  • Spending more time with friends or not wanting to come home.
  • Avoiding eye contact.
  • Unexplained bruising or marks on the skin.
  • Other strange or odd behaviors that seem out of character for your teen.

For more information about teen issues around drugs, please contact me today.  I offer mentoring which can keep teens motivated and working on self-esteem, which will help them avoid the temptations of drugs. I also do mother daughter retreats.  

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