How Important are Extracurricular Activities?

Extracurricular Activities and a Teen’s Future

Most parents want to see their children thrive in school, and part of that is doing well in extracurricular activités. Whether it’s football or math club, the opportunity to participate in extracurricular learning offers plenty of benefits and should not be missed.

Teen School Activities: What Are the Benefits?

1. Improved Social Skills

Teen self esteem develops partially through learning social skills, and sports and other activities offer the chance to interact with peers in ways that would not normally occur within the classroom.

2. College Applications

Most colleges want to take on students who have participated and thrived in more areas than the bare minimum. Teen issues involving stress over applying to college can be minimized when the teen has a nice portfolio of participation, so have your son or daughter begin thinking about the activities they might like do as early as possible.

3. Learning About the Self

Teen school days can be rough, but one of the benefits is having the chance to learn and develop as a human being. Participating in extracurricular groups offers teens the chance to learn what they like and dislike, which can not only improve self-worth but also help provide guidance for future careers.

Keeping a Healthy Balance: What Should You Keep in Mind?

While extracurricular activités clearly offer a lot of great benefits for teens, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance. Some parents become so desperate to make sure their teens get into a good college that they force them to do too much, leading to exhaustion, burn out and other teen issues. Rather than insisting on a packed schedule, allow your son or daughter to choose a few options they feel passionate about. It’s better to do a single sport or activity well than it is to do numerous things poorly.

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