How Meditation Can Help with Teen Issues

Getting Teens to Meditate: Mindfulness for Learning Disabilities How Meditation Can Help with Teen Issues

Peace of mind is important for anyone who desires a happy and healthy life, but for many kids with learning disabilities, a calm mind seems like a far-off dream. Along with most typical teen issues like rebellion and moodiness, teens with learning disabilities often suffer additional stresses. Worries about failing in school or being unable to join the workforce can be frightening and depressing for a developing teen.

With so many pressures on teens with learning disabilities, it’s important for parents to arm themselves with tools that can help. Meditation is one such tool. While a scatterbrained teen might initially resist the idea of attempting to meditate, with a little practice, it could quickly become a favorite activity.

1. Know How to Sell It

Chances are that your teens are not that interested in meditation. A typical teen with low self-esteem might assume that learning to meditate is impossible. Many other teens will simply prefer to focus on other things. However, if you sell the idea correctly, the potential positive effects of meditation could become a lot more enticing.

Some positives of meditation include:

  • The ability to perform better in exams through improved concentration.
  • A reduction in the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

2. Use Guided Youtube Videos

Kids love Youtube, so they might be more likely to try meditation if you can find a fun and friendly young person teaching it on Youtube. After pointing out a few examples, allow your teen to choose a video that resonates with them personally.

3. Practice Meditation Yourself

The best way to teach the value of meditation is to demonstrate it yourself. As you develop your own practice, your teen might notice you being in a better mood or having more patience during stressful situations. This can provide a wonderful positive influence.

Even if your child doesn’t have a learning disability, meditation is a great thing to promote. It can help kids stay calm and avoid the chaos and teen issues that typically occur during these years. It can also promote healthy teen self-esteem. For more information, or to sign up for an online life-coaching retreat where we can discuss meditation tips for teens in further detail, please contact me today.

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