How To Help Your Teen Have Their Own Opinion

Teenage Self Esteem: Encourage the Voicing of OpinionsHow To Help Your Teen Have Their Own Opinion

Teenage self esteem can be a struggle, and some teens don’t voice their opinions out of fear of ridicule from their parents or peers. You might also have a strong teen who has no problem sharing her views. Either way, it’s a smart idea to help teens express themselves in a respectful way.

1. Ask Questions

Rather than drilling your own views into your teen’s head, why not ask what they think? You might be surprised or even impressed at their take on what’s happening in the world. If they have an opposing opinion, hear them out. Families don’t necessarily have to agree on everything. Being allowed a voice in an adult conversation is great for teenage self esteem.

2. Allow for Mistakes

If your teen has an opinion you feel is flat-out wrong, remember that she is still figuring herself out. Most go through many different phases before they settle into the belief systems they will have throughout their lives, and adults often change their minds over time as well.

It might be frustrating, but do your best to allow your teen to explore the ideas that resonate with her. If you must make a case for an opposing way of thinking, do so respectfully. This teaches the art of respectful discussion, which is sadly lacking in the modern age.

3. Discuss Different Views

Too many people these days live within an echo chamber, meaning they only surround themselves with people who agree, and they are never challenged to learn about the viewpoints of others. This is a frightening problem that could cause a worsening divide within our culture if it continues. Parents can fight back against this issue by always discussing a variety of views on any given topic. You don’t have to agree with these views to discuss them, and neither does your teen. Learning to understand perspectives that you don’t agree with is an important life skill.

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