How to Love a Difficult Teen

Is it difficult to love your teen? How to Love a Difficult Teen

Parents always love their children, but actively feeling that love can be hard during the troublesome times. When your daughter is talking back, cursing at you or displaying other forms of disrespectful behavior, you might feel a little guilty for some of the thoughts that cross your mind. If you’re having trouble managing your anger and feeling love for your daughter during the worst of the teen issues, these tips may help.

1. Demonstrate

Stay calm during fights, and if you do lose your cool, remember that above all else, you will always love your child. Think about what you say before you say it. Rather than thinking of your anger as an expression of emotion, think of it as a tool you can use to increase your self-control. As a parent, you’re constantly providing an example of proper behavior. The next time your anger rises, demonstrate how to stay calm. By doing that, you’ll eventually learn to stay calm without trying, and it will be easier to avoid anger and see where your teen might be coming from.

2. Defend

There might be times when you need to defend teens from themselves. If you’re having a fight, and your daughter shouts that she’s stupid and can’t do anything right, correct her. She isn’t stupid. She can do things right. Remind her of that.

Even if your teen is the stubborn type who won’t admit being wrong, you can still defend her by reminding her that she’s capable of great behavior. Reminding yourself of that also doesn’t hurt.

3. Devote

Take the time to make things right with your teen after you have a fight. It takes great strength to show the amount of love and devotion that’s required as a parent, but you can do it. Too many parents don’t try to talk through problems, which sends the wrong message to teens.

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