How to Love your Step Kids

How to Love your Step Kids Finding Happiness with Your Step Kids

Becoming a stepparent is a beautiful thing. If you never had biological children, marrying into an existing family could provide the opportunity to guide your step kids through the early part of their lives. Even if you have your own kids, expanding your family is an exciting thing. However, settling into a blended family takes time. It’s natural to struggle with the transition.

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1. Discuss Boundaries with Your Spouse

Long before you marry or move in together, you should discuss important issues with your partner. Ask about their expectations of you as a stepparent. Will you be expected to perform disciplinary actions? Will you have certain responsibilities, such as dropping the kids off at school?

Every family is different. There are families who get together for dinner every weekend, and there are families who only meet up once or twice a year. Some parents are quite strict, and others take a more relaxed approach. You’ll likely already know your partner’s parenting style and views by the time you move in together, but it can’t hurt to talk directly about the situation to get a clear understanding of the expectations.

2. Never Blame the Kids

If your step kids do something that frustrates you, remember not to blame them. Their habits and behaviors may have been allowed by your partner in the past. If something needs to change, approach the subject with delicate care and don’t expect the changes to happen overnight. Remember that this is a huge transition for the kids as well as the adults.

3. Stay the Course

Adjustments take time. If your step children don’t seem to be warming up to you right away, don’t panic. Treat them with respect, and show them that you care by being there for them when it matters most. Above all, remember to have fun with the process.

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