How to Raise a Kind Child

Encouraging Kindness in Your Teens How to Raise a Kind Child

When it comes to raising kids, one of the most important things we can do is cultivate compassion and empathy. Whether it’s defending another kid from a bully at school, giving a leftover snack to a homeless person or simply smiling at a lonely stranger, being kind takes effort and energy. The sooner teens can begin developing compassion for others, the better.

Raising Kids with Compassion: Encourage Reading

Reading forces a teen into a state of mind where they are absorbed in another person’s world, and even if that person is simply a fictional character, it can still teach empathy and compassion for others.

Raising Kind Teens: Encourage Discussion

Teens can learn how to empathize with others by asking questions. During family discussions, encourage your kids to question what they don’t understand. For example, if they don’t understand why they need a curfew, explain that parents worry themselves sick when they don’t know whether their kids are okay. Your kids might roll their eyes and pretend not to care whether you’re worried, but on a deeper level, they will begin to learn how their behaviors make other people feel.

Providing an Example: Being Kind as a Parent

All your preaching won’t make a difference if you’re not embracing your own ideals. Practicing kindness isn’t about dropping off a donation once per week or giving another driver the right of way when the opportunity arises. It’s something we practice every minute of every day, and it includes kindness toward ourselves.

The next time you catch yourself about to complain about how fat you are, how ugly your hair looks, or how much you hate your wardrobe, halt and change direction. If your daughter hears you putting yourself down, it will harm teen self esteem, but if she can have an example of a mom who practices kindness toward herself, she’ll remember that when it matters most.

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  1. I am interested in the mother daughter retreat for my daughter & I but I gave a big concern of our religions being different? My daughter is some what at a rebellious stage & using her raising at times as an excuse. This excuse also blames me for a lot of her bad choices. She wants no supervision or rules. We are going to have rules but ask she has gotten older we have given more freedoms where at time’s we have found she has taken advantage. She has a lot of love but also anger towards me, her mother. This retreat might be what we need?? I would love more information about it and if you think this retreat is for us?

    • Hi Angela, I am so sorry for not responding to your comment. Lets talk about a retreat, I think it could be very helpful. Use my scheduler here SCHEDULE FREE CONSULT to set up a time to talk. My number is also 928-300-0447, thank you, Debra

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