How to Stay Close to your Daughter, So she Shares

Creating a Mother Daughter Bond that Will Last a Lifetime How to Stay Close to your Daughter, So she Shares

When raising teenage girls, it can be tough to find the balance between providing them enough space to grow and maintaining a close relationship that will last throughout adulthood. Teen issues are one thing, but mother daughter relationships that fall apart during the teen years are often never repaired. Don’t miss out on the chance to be close to your daughter as adults. By attending mother daughter retreats and doing other therapeutic work to heal your relationship today, you’ll create a stronger bond for the future.

Nourishing Mother Daughter Relationships: How to Get Your Daughter to Open Up

1. Get on Her Level

Having things in common with your daughter will help you bond. This doesn’t mean that you should adopt all her interests, fall in love with her favorite band and begin acting like a teenager again. Instead, look for true areas of compatibility that the two of you share. Maybe you both love Jane Austen, or perhaps you’re both fans of getting manicures. Discover things you both love to do, and do them regularly. This will lead to situations where conversations naturally flows.

2. Keep it Casual

Teenage girls aren’t likely to open up if they feel like they’re being interrogated. Keeping the conversation casual and discussing things like television, books, hobbies or lighthearted gossip can show your daughter that you’re available for conversation without being forceful.

3. Schedule Regular Mother Daughter Retreats

A retreat provides an environment free from the distractions of everyday life. Instead of constant phone notifications and to-do lists, you and your daughter will be free to focus on each other. You can discuss teen issues and deal with the hard aspects of your lives, but you can also just have fun in the beautiful outdoors, get some fresh air, meditate, journal your thoughts, and simply enjoy each other’s company. Through creating nice memories together, you’ll put positive energy in the bank and improve your overall connection.

For more information about cultivating a close relationship with your daughter or to more information about a mother-daughter retreat, please contact me today. Along with retreats for teens and moms, we also offer adult retreats. It’s never to late to work on your relationship as mom and daughter.

Mother Daughter Retreats: Bonding for Moms and Daughters of All Ages

Whether you’re the mom of a teen girl or an adult woman, chances are that you could benefit from working on your relationship. I offer mother daughter retreats. for women of any age. When you come together with the intention of growing and sharing, amazing things can happen. If you’re interested,

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