How To Teach Teens How To Become Adults

Preparing Teens for Adult Life: Important Skills to Nurture

During the high-school years, there is a lot of focus on academics, extracurricular activities and other factors that can help a teen prepare for college. While these things are incredibly important, many parents get so caught up in typical teen issues and challenges that they forget to teach their kids some of the most basic skills they will need to become functional adults.

1. Self-care

An understanding of the importance of self-care is hugely lacking in our society. In fact, many people don’t even seem to realize that it should be a priority. When a teen develops an awareness over themselves and their emotional needs, they begin to learn processes not only for getting through difficult times, but also for developing themselves into the adults they would like to become. Too many people have the mentality that putting themselves first is selfish, but it’s important for teens to understand that they can’t be their best for the people they love if they don’t prioritize self-care.

Forms of self-care include:

  • Therapy.
  • Retreats or other introspective work.
  • Reading books on self-help or spirituality.
  • Exercise, meditation, prayer, alone time or anything else that allows for reflection and peace.

2. Financial Skills

Those who grow up with no concept of money often struggle with debt during their twenties or thirties. You can teach your teens financial responsibility by providing an allowance in exchange for household chores and allowing them to take on a part-time job during the summer months.

3. Communication

Teen issues with arguing and talking back are common, but it’s a whole other story when your entire household lacks the ability to communicate properly. If you and your spouse don’t get along and often fight in front of the kids, what do you think they will learn from it? Always work on demonstrating healthy communication, which means speaking to others in a respectful manner, listening and doing everything you can to work through problems in a diplomatic way.


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