How to Teach Your Kids How to Breath Properly for Good Health

How to Teach Your Kids How to Breath Properly Deep Breathing: Helpful for Stressful Teen Issues

During the teen years, a young adult begins taking on adult responsibilities for the first time. This usually includes an increased workload of school assignments, extracurricular activities and sometimes part-time jobs. Many teens also experiment with their first romantic relationships during these years.

All of these experiences can be wonderful for a growing teen, but they can also bring stress. When dealing with typical teen issues, it can be helpful to remember to stop and breathe.

Deep Breathing for Teens: The Remarkable Benefits

1. Less Tension

Breathing deeply helps relax the muscles in the body, especially in the neck and shoulders. Teens tend to slump over their books, computers and smart phones all day, so relaxing those areas is particularly important.

2. Organ Care

Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as breathing deeply into the diaphragm, provides a relaxing massage to the internal organs. Along with removing tension, it helps improve digestion and drainage of the lymphatic system.

3. Anti-stress

Deep breathing can reduce the heart rate and calm the adrenal system, reducing the “fight or flight” response that occurs after a stressful or frightening event. It’s rare for a teen to get through high school without ever having a conflict with another student, so knowing how to breathe and keep calm during a confrontation can be highly beneficial.

4. Increase Oxygen Flow

We breathe to bring oxygen into our lungs, so it makes sense that breathing deeply will increase oxygenation. More oxygen flow means a healthier body overall, and learning to breathe properly can even help increase athletic ability.

Getting teens to set their phones aside so they can stop and practice deep breathing might not be easy, which is why installing a deep-breathing practice app on their phones might be a good option. There are a variety of apps to help promote deep breathing, some of which provide visual cues or timed guidance for taking longer breaths in and out. This makes the process fun for tech-minded teens.

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