Is Euphoria Doing Harm to Teens?

Should You Let Your Teens Watch Euphoria? Is Euphoria Doing Harm to Teens

If you’re a parent who has seen HBO’s new show Euphoria, you might’ve felt a bit disturbed afterward. The show, which stars Zendaya and depicts the struggles of a group of teens as they explore drugs and sex, is said to be based off some of the creator’s real-life experiences as a teen. Is this show a realistic depiction of what life is like for teens today, or is it an exaggeration?

Real Life versus Your Life: The Truth is Highly Subjective

Some parents are upset that shows like Euphoria exist. After all, they show teens doing things that teens never should do. Other parents might feel that shows like this are bringing real issues to the surface. It’s true that issues with teen drugs and sex are common, but are they as really common as we think? Even if they are common, is it wise to portray them as normal teen issues in entertainment like this?

These are questions without clear answers. It’s up to each individual parent to decide whether they want to let their teens watch Euphoria or other shows that depict kids in their age range dealing with adult themes and situations. However, when it comes to the “reality” of shows like this, there’s a positive outlook to consider. Teen drugs have and probably always will be an issue, but research has shown that today’s youth are having less sex and abusing less drugs than past generations.

Using Euphoria to Address Teen Issues: Talk to Your Kids

If you choose to let your kids watch the show, consider using it as a basis for discussions surrounding sex, substance abuse, and mental health. You can discuss the choices that are made by the characters on the show and whether your kids can relate to being in those situations.

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