Is Teen Self Esteem Directly Related To Making Good Decisions?

Is Teen Self Esteem Directly Related To Making Good DecisionsHow Positive Teen Self Esteem Relates to Smart Decision Making

Every time you make a smart decision, your self-esteem gets a boost. This is true regardless of your age, but it’s especially important for young teens. When teen choices are made intelligently, and teens are able to see the results of those choices, positive self-esteem develops.

It also works in the opposite sense. Higher teen self esteem leads to making more positive choices.

Good Decisions in Teens: Developing Self-esteem

Self-esteem is about more than just feeling like you’re a great person. Those with strong self-esteem are able to trust themselves. The more a teenage girl sees that she makes great decisions, the more she will trust her instincts when she finds herself in a sketchy situation.

Parents can help promote positive teen self esteem by:

  • Discussing good decisions in teens, including what the “smart” decision would be for a variety of difficult scenarios.
  • Asking your teens to share some recent situations in which they struggled with a hard decision, and examining whether the outcome of those situations was positive or negative.
  • Talking about an example of a bad decision and the repercussions for all involved.
  • Making a pros and cons list to work through difficult decisions.
  • Allowing them to make their own choices.

Teen Choices: Taking On Adult Responsibilities

The ability to make our own choices is one of the first adult freedoms most of us enjoy as teenagers. This is also something most parents struggle with. Rather than attempting to protect your teen from the results of her choices, it’s important to let her sort through the consequences on her own. You can help, but you can’t extend yourself to the point where you prevent her from learning. That’s how people grow.

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