Is This Political Environment Effecting Teens? 

Politics and Teen Issues: Is Tension Over Trump Harming Your Teen? Is This Political Environment Effecting Teens

Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Donald Trump has been a hot topic for a while now. Typical teen issues involve things like dating and keeping up with studies, but lately, more teens have been paying attention to the news. Many are even joining in the activism, participating in marches with their parents or organizing walkouts to show that they do not support the 45th president.

Teens Issues with Politics: Is Your Teen Stressed?

It’s wonderful when teens have enough passion to get involved in activism, and as long as it remains in balance with schoolwork, it should be encouraged. However, in this political climate, it’s easy for both teens and adults to become obsessed. It’s also easy to become overwhelmed by stress or even fall into a depression due to the high tension and fighting among family and friends. There have been many horror stories about ruined friendships, divided families and even divorces over disagreements on Trump. All of this negativity and uncertainty can make a teen frightened about their place in a turbulent world.

Talking with Teens about Trump: What Should You Say?

Whether you’re republican, democrat or anything in between, do your best to not feed negativity. Don’t talk badly about people with a different mindset, and don’t put people in boxes. Not all liberals think alike. Not all conservatives think alike. There is a lot of hateful “us versus them” thinking right now, and too many adults are fueling the fire. Encourage thoughtful, compassionate and respectful discussion in your home.

If your teens shrug off the situation and act disinterested, don’t force them. It’s okay to let them be kids a while longer, but it’s also worth it to sit down and have a talk about what they might be feeling. Everyone is being affected by this whether they realize it or not, and through discussion, you might learn something new about your teen’s perspective.

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