teen being bulliedBullying, this seems to be a very hot topic in the school system today.  Who are these bullies?  Where are they? Why do they bully?

Bullies can be anyone, any age, any size, and any color.  Bullying is in the school system, the adult work environment, it’s everywhere. Your teen being bullied is a serious problem.

People bully because they don’t feel good about themselves, they have low self-esteem.  Someone threatens them some how and they go into reaction mode. How can someone become threaten, is it because of insecurities. Someone at school is better at something, or they think someone is prettier, more popular, someone gets a promotion, and it goes on and on. If they feel threatened by someone else, they react, and sometimes their reactions are very mean.   They are not conscious of how mean they really are. I don’t believe that if people knew they were mean people, that they would continue behaving that way.

I was just having a conversation with a friend this week regarding her daughter in high school that was being bullied. It started out with one girl treating her poorly, and then within 2 months had escalated to 13 girls.  This girl that was being bullied is such a sweet gal, and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, a perfect victim for bullies.  She had lost her appetite; she wasn’t sleeping much, and was having such anxiety. It is such a shame, the grief that these bullies caused this girl. The mother decided to pull her daughter out of the school she was in and put her in another one.

This decision proved to be a good one; it immediately has made a difference in her behavior. It’s hard to know what is right for each person. If you are being bullied, first there is no easy solution, talk to someone about it and come up with a game plan. Don’t let it get out of hand. If you’re a bully start to look at your behavior.  When something triggers you, do you lash out at people? If so, start to look at why and what causes this behavior.

Wake up to your actions, stop spreading harm in the world, stop participating in the negative influences.  Start aiding in the healing of the planet and peoples soul. Really start paying attention to your behavior and how you affect others.

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