Is Your Teen Bored in School

Three Common Reasons Teens Become Bored in School Is Your Teen Bored in School

School is supposed to be stimulating and challenging, and when classes become boring, performance often suffers. There are a variety of reasons that teens might become bored in school. As a parent, you need to first determine the source of the problem and then figure out how to handle it.

1. They’re Too Advanced

It’s common for intelligent students to become bored in school if they’re dealing with a curriculum that isn’t challenging enough for them. If this is the case, you can discuss switching your teen to a more advanced class, such as an AP class, where college-level assignments are typically given. These classes can also help earn college credits in advance. Investing more time and energy in extracurricular activities that your teen might enjoy is another solution.

2. They’re Too Distracted

Many of today’s teens simply have no interest in schoolwork. They want to grow up to become social-media stars. This is a huge problem that isn’t easily solved, but you can help by pointing out the importance of having money to fuel any big dream. Youtube stars need expensive cameras and lighting equipment. Travel bloggers need money to travel. Make it clear that your teen will need to fund their big dreams and that a solid education is the best path toward making a living.

3. They’re Feeling Bad About Themselves

Teen self esteem is a huge issue, and if your teen feels that she can’t keep up with the coursework or simply isn’t intelligent enough to follow along, she might shrug off her assignments, masking feelings of inadequacy behind a bad attitude. When you talk to your teen, discuss how she feels about herself and whether she believes she is intelligent and capable. If she admits to struggling, a private tutor might be helpful.

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