Is Your Teen Over Committed?

Teen Worries About the Future: Is Your Child Obsessed? Is Your Teen Over Committed

Teen issues can drive a parent nuts. Common problems include laziness and a lack of focus on schoolwork, but for some kids, it’s an overzealous attitude toward scholarly perfection that becomes a problem.

Teen worries about college and future careers are natural, and seeing that your child cares about such things might make you proud. However, the line between being dedicated and being obsessed can be hard to define, so if you have an extremely scholarly child, you may need to help her keep her life in balance.

Competition Between Peers

Teen self esteem can be wrapped up in success in school and extracurricular activities. Even if you didn’t raise your child to believe grades are all the matters, she may develop these ideas through being around other influences. Highly scholastic teenagers usually have similar friends, and it’s easy for them to become competitive with each other.

Teen pressure from peers can be intense, so it’s important for parents to not underestimate what their kids might be going through. Competition over who can get the best grades can also mean competition in other areas. Many driven young girls end up with eating disorders from striving to be perfect, and this is something parents should watch out for.

Fears About the Future

Teen issues with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse are all common, and fears about the future might be involved. If your teen seems afraid of failure or anxious about what her future may hold, remind her that while education is important, it’s not the only factor that leads to success. Being a healthy, happy and emotionally balanced person is just as crucial. Help remove teen pressure by reminding your daughter it’s okay to laugh, have fun and focus on her social life sometimes.

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