Keeping your Teen Busy this Summer

How to Keep Teens Busy During Summer Vacations Keeping your Teen Busy this Summer

We’re heading into another summer, which means busy moms and dads will yet again be left with the task of finding a way to occupy their kids during the day. Making sure that kids have something to do during their summer vacations is the best way to help them avoid teen issues, but it’s not always the easiest thing to accomplish.

1. The Summer Job

Teen summer jobs are ideal if your kids are old enough to work. A job is an excellent way to teach responsibility, time management, money management, and healthy social skills. Maintaining a job throughout the summer can help a kid save up the money they’ll need to buy their first car, and it also provides valuable work experience that can make it easier to continue getting jobs as an adult. Ideal teen summer jobs include restaurants, amusement parks, and summer camps.

2. The Clean Out

Teen issues with messiness and disorganization are common. It isn’t the most exciting activity, but the summer break is a great time to have your kids sort through their old clothing, toys, and other possessions to look for things they can clean out. You can donate old items to charity and create space for the new things you’ll purchase before the next school year begins.

3. The Family Trip

A special family trip can expand your teen’s world, provide inspiration, and help you make memories that will last a lifetime. Amusement parks, resorts, and national parks are always a good idea, but if you really want this trip to make an impact, you can consider doing some volunteer work while you’re away. There are plenty of opportunities out there, so choose something everyone in the family resonates with.

4. A Mother-daughter Retreat

If you’re the mom of a teen girl, you might want to escape to a mother-daughter retreat for a few days this summer. Our retreats are held in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. They give you the chance to step away from everyday life, phones, and the internet while you instead devote time to working on communication together.

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