Learn How to Show Up for Your Teen in a Mother Daughter Retreats

Learn How to Show Up for Your TeenShow Up and Face Your Emotions: Growing Together Through Mother Daughter Retreats

The lack of self-awareness is a huge problem in society, and it can especially have a negative effect on family life. When people are disconnected from their own emotions, they are flying blind. Their emotions drive every response, but without awareness, they often blame others for their reactions.

Many parents suffer intense emotions because of their kids, sometimes overly attaching to their children’s lives to supplement their own happiness. This is usually an effort to live out lost dreams through the children. Other times, it’s due to empathy for the teen. It’s natural to feel sad when your child is suffering, but if you take on that suffering to the point it disrupts your own life, you’ll only be adding to your child’s emotional burden. Managing your pain is an important responsibility.

A Triggering Scenario: Using Emotions for Examining Your Mind

If your teen’s situation regularly triggers negative emotions, use that as an opportunity for growth. The more we pay attention to what we’re thinking and feeling, the more aware we become. For example, if your teen gets dumped by a boyfriend, and you find yourself upset, take some time to sit with the feeling. What exactly is upsetting you? Are you truly hurting for your daughter, or is this bringing up past feelings of heartbreak from your own life?

The same goes for situations involving school. If you’re angry that your kids are struggling academically, is the emotion based on worries for their future? If so, are those worries really about your own academic insecurities? Maybe you never went to college and feel bad about that. Sorting through these things can help you stay calm and keep your emotions straight as you help your kids work through hard times. Kids have enough on their shoulders without worrying about upsetting their parents.

Feeling Your Feelings at a Mother Daughter Retreat: Do the Work to Benefit Your Teen

If you would like help feel your feelings, managing your pain and connecting to your teen, consider signing up for a mother daughter retreat. Together, we will examine emotions that come up and discuss how to work through them to develop a level of self-awareness that can benefit your family.


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