Life Skills for Teen Self-Esteem

Life Skills for Teen Self-EsteemGiving life skills to teens equal high self-esteem.

Too many teens are entering adulthood without the life skills they need. Teen self-esteem is already fragile, but facing a scary and confusing future without being properly equipped can put pressure on a growing teen.

If you’re raising teens or preteens, now is the time to begin teaching them the important stuff. If you start early, they’ll be ready by the time they become adults.

1. Financial Management

Do your kids know how to keep track of finances and follow a balanced budget? They’ll never learn if you buy them everything they request. Instead, give them a set allowance each month and make them get part-time jobs if they need more. This will teach the value of a dollar.

2. Household Maintenance

Kids used to grow up working on the farm alongside their parents or doing other household chores to help maintain the home. These days, some people act like it’s child abuse to ask a kid to do anything, and that’s why we have people in their 20s who don’t know how to do their own laundry.

Start having your kids do household chores like the dishes, vacuuming and laundry at a young age. Not only are they capable of helping out, but doing so will also teach them how to properly care for their own homes in the future.

3. Self-care

Until recently in history, self-care was never acknowledged as an important task. It’s now being recognized as a crucial part of health management, just like a proper diet and exercise plan.

Self-care can include things like seeing a therapist weekly, taking a nightly bath, going to a yoga class or simply writing in a journal. It’s about taking time to process emotions and think about true desires.

4. Relationship Management

No one is teaching kids the basics of relationship management. Teach your kids that it’s okay to offer direct communication to others and say how they really feel. Teach that they should look for compatibility in their partners, not just physical attraction.

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