Listening To Your Intuition Builds Self Esteem

Excerpt From The Revised & Updated  Edition of
My Feet Aren’t Ugly

“Your intuition is that little voice inside your head that always lets you know what to do. Women are very special; our intuition is precise. Try not to be influenced by what other people think or say. Learn to listen and to trust your intuition instead. If you’re listening to yourself, you’ll never steer yourself wrong.”

When you are a teen on your journey to becoming an adult, you will be learning to make good decisions for your self,  it’s a part of maturing.  Instead of just acting like nothing has consequences, we know better.  We know that everything, all of our actions, have an outcome…good or bad.  Every decision we make, we get to see how that decision effects our life.  This is why it’s very important to check in with yourself about how you are feeling when a decision needs to be made in your life.

I was mentoring a teenage girl and she was telling me a story about a time her and a friend met these guys and she got a weird feeling in her stomach.  They continued to hang with them for a while and then the guys asked them if they wanted to go to their house and hang out. That feeling in her stomach got worse and so she said no to them. The guys started saying really nasty things to them and actually pushed one of the girls.  They turned out to be not good guys at all and it was a good thing they didn’t go with them.


As a teen you are always going to have opportunities to make either good or bad decisions for yourself. It’s so important to listen to that voice, our intuition that tells us when we might be entering into a risky situation.  I just had a mentoring appointment with a 14-year-old and she had hitchhiked, and when we talked about it, she said he didn’t look creepy.  Looks might be deceiving, just because someone doesn’t look creepy, doesn’t mean their not creepy. This is where experience comes in, and as a teenager you haven’t had the experiences in your life yet.  So, it’s extra important to check in with your self about how your feeling and look at the risks involved in the actions you may be taking.

If something bad happens to you because of a bad decision you have made, it is going to effect your self esteem. You may beat your self up mentally because of a bad decision you have made. The goal here is to build our self esteem, and make decisions that empower us, not strip us of our self confidence. So, keep listening to that little voice inside of yourself and building your sense of self.

Keep Loving Yourself,


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