Loving Relationship in their Youth Creates a Stable Adult Mother Daughter Relationship

Build a Loving Bond for Better Adult Mother Daughter Relationships Loving Relationship in their Youth Creates a Stable Adult Mother Daughter Relationship

Not only can resentment from youth spill over into the adult years, but it can also deepen, creating serious and lasting emotional consequences over time. If you cultivate a good relationship with your daughter while young, your time at adult mother-daughter retreats could be used for enjoyment and happiness rather than sorting out problems from the past.

Adult Mother Daughter Relationships and Retreats: Why Putting in the Time with Your Young Daughter is Valuable

Here are a few things you can do to work on your relationship while your daughter is still a teen.

1. Find the Balance

Too many parents try to be harsh dictators. Just as many parents make the mistake of attempting to be a best friend to their kids. You need to find balance between these two extremes. You need to be a guiding force in your daughter’s world, and for that to happen, she needs to trust you.

2. Have Real Talks

Open communication is a way to build trust. Make it clear that your daughter is entitled to privacy. She should be free to share things with you if she wants to, but it shouldn’t be forced. Likewise, you are also entitled to your private adult world. If you are both sharing because you want to and not because you feel you must, you’ll develop a real connection.

3. Build Memories

Creating memories together is something that can help nurture a bond that will last a lifetime. Think about the moments you remember most from your youth. They are likely from events you attended, trips you took, parties you had and other special days. Most of us don’t remember things from our mundane everyday lives years down the road.

This is why attending a mother-daughter retreat can be so beneficial even for moms and daughters who get along. Being able to maintain a strong connection at home is a wonderful thing, but you can deepen that connection even more by taking part in something special.

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As a therapists and counselor, I learned So much from this retreat with my daughter. We love the peaceful serenity of the Sedona historic and, more than that Debra’s knowledge, passion, and compassion. We arrived a little bit apprehensive and left completely calm and at ease. Debra radiates love and light. If you are thinking about doing this retreat. Don’t hesitate, do it.”

-Amy, mom & Mia, daughter

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