Mental Illness With Teens

Teen Mental Illness: Are Doctors too Quick to Medicate? Mental Illness With Teens

No parent is born knowing how to handle teen mental illness, and most don’t prepare themselves in advance. We don’t want to assume that our kids will end up with such problems, but with teen self esteem suffering in the modern age, it’s not surprising that so many parents are now facing the task of helping their kids through depression.

A Heavily Medicated Culture: The Rising Epidemic of Drugging Our Children

A recent Gallup survey showed that 9 percent of teens have been prescribed medication for depression. While it would be wrong to say that medication is a mistake in all situations, it is safe to point out that often, these kids are prescribed drugs before they are offered safer ways of improving their mental health. Lifestyle changes such as vigorous exercise, a healthy diet and certain supplements all have shown potential for helping depression, yet many doctors prescribe drugs before giving lifestyle interventions a chance to take effect.

Unhealthy Thoughts and Depression: The Negative Mind is Destroying Teens

The contributions of a negative mindset are another aspect of depression that isn’t being talked about enough. Depression doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. A collection of internal and external conditions usually lead into it. When teen self esteem suffers for a long time, it becomes easy to fall into a depressed state. Teens are not being taught about the importance of positive thinking. Thoughts have an energy to them, just like everything else. Continually supporting the negative mind is like bathing in unhealthy energy.

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