Mentoring Programs for Teen Girls: Could Your Daughter Use a Mentor?

Mentoring programs for teen girls have proven to be extremely beneficial! Mentoring programs for teen girls

You might think that mentorships are only for troubled teens who don’t have parents, but that isn’t the case. There are many powerful stories about teens who experienced life-changing benefits from having a mentor. Ask yourself these questions to see if a mentor might be a good idea for your teen.

1. Did You Tell Your Mom Everything?

Think back on your teen years. Were you keeping secrets from your mom? In most cases, the answer is probably yes. Even if you and your mom had an incredibly close relationship, you must consider how much more complicated the lives of today’s teens can be. Every generation has its challenges, but few have faced a society as tense and confusing as the one we live in now.

2. Do You Feel Confused About How to Best Guide Your Teen?

If you’re feeling lost as a parent, you’re not alone! It’s normal to have no idea what you’re doing, especially if this is your first teen. A little help from a mentor can go a long way. When your teen spends time with her mentor, she’ll have the chance to blow off steam, vent about problems, and even receive advice about how to improve her relationship with you. This also gives you the chance to take some space for yourself and think about how to improve things on your end.

3. Do You Want Your Daughter to Have More Positive Influences?

Even if your daughter has a strong relationship with you and other family members, she could always use another strong female in her life. A mentor relationship is different than a familial relationship. For one, the comfort level won’t be the same, at least in the beginning. This will help your daughter remain on her best behavior. As the relationship continues to develop, comfort will grow, but it will never be the same as a family member, which means your daughter might one day feel comfortable talking to her mentor about things she doesn’t want to mention to you, such as sex.

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