Mentoring Teens Both Boys and Girls

Mentoring Teens Both Boys and GirlsMethods of Play for Boys and Girls: Raising Our Kids with Balance

Before you can worry about mentoring teens, you have to get your children through their younger years. It’s no longer considered strange for a young boy to play with dolls, nor is it odd for a girl to play with trucks. Many children with siblings of the opposite sex end up playing with the shared collection of toys together, which is a wonderful thing. However, you might have a boy who only wants to play with trucks and violent video games. If you’re worried about how that might affect him, what can you do?

What We Teach Boys and Girls: Different Toys for Different Lessons

Boys and girls can turn out quite differently depending on how they are raised. If parents only buy dolls for their girls and trucks for their boys, they are teaching those children different things about the world. Through acting out social scenarios and “playing house” with dolls, young girls begin to learn about empathy, problem solving and working through their emotions. If a young boy constantly plays with trucks, he might learn a different variety of problem solving.

There is no wrong way to play, but it’s important for parents to examine what their children are learning from their activities. If you work to fill in any gaps in development, you’ll be boosting self esteem in the process.

A Balanced Life: Filling the Gaps in Development

No matter what sort of toys your child prefers, there are plenty of options for teaching kindness and encouraging emotional intelligence in all children. Choose family movies that provide important lessons, and have regular discussions about how everyone in the family is feeling and doing. Dinner is a great time to get everyone around the table to share a meal and talk about things. Too few families make time for such gatherings anymore, and it’s affecting how our children turn out.

My work with mentoring teens has taught me that there is always room for a teen to grow and become a better person.

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