Mother Daughter Communication

Step into Your Daughter’s World to Improve Communication Mother Daughter Communication

Reality can be subjective. We all share the same physical world, but we see it through the filter of our own perspectives. After a crime or natural disaster, witnesses will describe the sequence of events differently. It’s not that any one person is lying. People just experience things in their own way.

This phenomenon is yet another factor that can harm a mother daughter relationship. Everything you’ve learned about life comes from your own perspective. When you try to explain that perspective to your daughter, it may not make sense to her.

Communication Between Mom and Daughter

Today’s teen issues are much more serious than the things we dealt with as kids. This is mostly due to the internet. Social media has changed everything, and it’s making life much harder on our kids. Many of them have unrealistic dreams of fame and fortune, which means they feel the need to maintain attractive profiles at all times. They may experience online bullying or feel pressured into sexting. If they do send sexy pictures to a boy, they might be shamed for it later.

It’s important to keep all this in mind when you feel frustrated with your daughter. You can improve communication by making an effort to step into her world. Consider all the things she has to deal with. When you stop to think about the pressure she’s under, you’ll likely be able to see how these teen issues are affecting her behavior.

A Mother Daughter Retreat for Connecting on a Deeper Level

It’s easier to work on your mother daughter relationship when you’re away from your normal environment and routines. When you go on a retreat together, you’ll both be forced out of your everyday perspectives. You’ll be free from distractions in a peaceful and supportive environment. It’s a great way to connect while pampering yourselves.

To sign up for a mother daughter retreat in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, please contact me now. Together, we can discuss modern teen issues and how to set boundaries that can help your daughter stay safe in a dangerous world.

I offer mentoring services and mother-daughter retreat that can promote teen self-esteem and wellness. Our retreats provide a safe space for your daughter to speak her mind with your full love and support.

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Mother Daughter Retreats: Bonding for Moms and Daughters of All Ages

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