Navigate the Teen Years: Finding Balance at a Retreat

Navigate the Teen Years: Finding Balance at a RetreatHow can you help your teen navigate these turbulent years: Finding balance at a retreat.

Few parents are lucky enough to avoid all teen issues. These years can be rough on kids and adults alike. Mother daughter relationships will likely endure some strain, and we won’t even touch on the stress a wild teenage girl can cause her father. Surviving these years will take strength. It helps if you can adopt the right perspective.

Be Prepared

You can mentally prepare for teen issues by acknowledging that they will likely occur. This doesn’t mean you should sit around expecting the worst or being accusatory toward your teen. Not all teens party and have unprotected sex, but you can expect some growing pains along the way. Remember that teens are churning with hormones and just as nervous about the future as you are. Don’t allow disrespect, but also don’t take it personally if a snide remark comes off a bit hurtful. Remember to pick your battles and not sweat the small stuff.

Find Balance

You may fear that your teen will get involved with the wrong crowd or make other bad decisions if you’re not always supervising her. On the other hand, you could assume that your daughter is too smart to make bad choices and therefore miss the signs that she may be in trouble.

It’s crucial to remain an active part of your daughter’s life while still allowing her space to mature and grow. You can do this by providing her with a reasonable amount of freedom. Give her time and space to be with friends on her own, but keep an eye out for common teen issues. Sudden changes in behavior or mood could be red flags.

Go on Mother Daughter Retreats

Finding balance in mother daughter relationships comes down to keeping an open line of communication. This is another reason why “pick your battles” is so important. If you’re constantly nagging over every little thing, your teen will learn to go into defensive mode every time you open your mouth. Instead, focus on honest, kind, and attentive communication.

Retreats are an excellent way to nurture your connection and learn to make communication more beneficial. To learn more about our retreats in Sedona, Arizona, please contact me today.

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