peaceThe bullying problem in America has been getting worse. According to statistics from Mintel, 47 percent of girls between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied. It’s become painfully clear that this issue isn’t going to get better without effort, and many students, teachers and parents are fed up and ready for change.

One of the best ways that parents can promote progress is by helping their children become leaders against bullying at their schools.

What is a Peace Group?

A peace group is any organization that promotes compassion, Kindness and discourages bullying. They can be any size, ranging from a small club put together by a few kids at school to an entire neighborhood effort, complete with the involvement of parents, teachers, coaches, youth pastors and more.

What Positive Activities can Peace Groups Participate in?

Peace groups can organize a number of positive activities to help both kids and adults experience greater compassion and a deeper empathy for  their peers.

Some ideas include:

  • Designing posters and other creative projects that promote peace, compassion and appreciation for one another.
  • Having regular meetings that give kids an open forum to discuss their feelings on bullying and abuse.
  • Writing an anti-bullying skit or play and performing it for the school or local community.
  • Taking part in fundraisers to raise money for anti-bullying organizations.
  • Creating summer camps, after-school meet ups and other activities that can keep kids in a positive place.
  • Coming up with a set plan of action so that kids know what to do if they witness bullying.
  • Booking a professional counselor to come speak to the kids about bullying and the damage it can do if ignored.
  • Encouraging kids to express positivity instead of negativity. One school put up large pieces of blank paper and had teens write down positive comments about their peers.

How can You Start a Peace Group of Your Own?

If you know of others who are as concerned about bullying as you are, why not get together to talk about how things can change? Don’t be afraid to go directly to the school with your concerns. If the school learns that many of the parents and students are interested in taking part in anti-bullying efforts, the administrators will most likely support you in any way you can.

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