Provocative Teen Dressing

What to Do When Your Teen Begins Dressing Provocatively Provocative Teen Dressing

Has your teen been dressing in a provocative manner? If you’re dealing with teen issues revolving around personal style, you might be confused about your next move. You know that clothing is a tool for personal expression, and you don’t want to stifle your daughter’s creativity. At the same time, you’re also aware that provocative dress can attract attention from the wrong boys, not to mention older men. How far should a parent go in limiting teen girls dress code?

Teen Girls Self Esteem: Why is Your Teen Dressing Provocatively?

When your teen suddenly changes her style of dress, you should take notice. This change could be indicative of other teen issues, such as:

  • Rebelling against her parents or the authorities.
  • Struggling with self-worth or confidence.
  • Running with a new and possibly problematic group of friends.
  • Experiencing an inappropriate relationship with a boy or older man.

Provocative dress doesn’t necessarily indicate teen girls self esteem problems, but it’s still a sign that something is changing in your daughter’s world. When you sit down to have a conversation, be sure to come from a non-judgmental place. Let your daughter know that you’ve noticed a change, and you’re curious about her viewpoints on why she’s dressing the way she is.

Setting Limits: Teen Girls Dress Coded?

Dealing with teen girls dress coded isn’t always fun. Your daughter might be angry that you’re thinking about setting limits on the way she dresses. However, a teen’s mind isn’t fully developed, which means she might not be capable of understanding the consequences of her actions. That’s why adults must set limits.

You can help protect against predators by allowing your daughter to express herself in a more appropriate manner. Choose a teen girls dress code that allows for pretty pieces, cute styles and age-appropriate sexiness. Explain that your daughter doesn’t have to show skin to be beautiful and attractive. The best boys will cherish her beauty even more if she isn’t overly sexual.

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