March 27

Reducing Teen Issues Through Positivity


How can we as parents reduce are teen issues through positivity? Reducing Teen Issues Through Positivity

It goes without saying that parenting isn’t always positive. Things can get ugly when the teen issues begin. Parenting involves balancing on the fine line between staying positive and being overly accommodating.

1. Avoid Criticism

You might be thinking that criticism and the ability to handle it are important parts of life, and that’s true. However, as a parent, it’s important to remember to criticize specific behaviors. There is a big difference between “I was disappointed that you failed to show up to class today” and “You’re a failure who is constantly disappointing me”. When you make the criticism about the behavior, you give your teen room to grow while also providing some direction. When you criticize directly, you’re telling them that there’s no point in trying at all.

2. Have Some Fun

Being a parent rather than a “friend” is a common parenting tip, but you don’t have to stop being a fun person just because you’re a parent. It’s okay to laugh and be silly with your kids. Life is difficult enough as it is, and the more lighthearted fun you can bring into your parent-teen relationship, the better. There’s a time to focus on the important stuff, but for the most part, it’s good to not take life too seriously.

3. Pass the Torch

While teens certainly need a lot of guidance, it’s important to let them begin taking responsibility for their own choices. Every single small decision you make as a parent will not affect your teen’s future. It’s okay to pass the torch and begin letting them have some autonomy in life. Doing this will allow you to feel more positive by getting the chance to see your teen display adult responsibility. If they struggle, you’ll see the areas that need work and can more positively address them.

Taking part in an online mother-daughter retreat is another great way to stay positive. I run retreats that focus on communication, personal growth and working through teen issues.

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