Relationship Abuse

The Signs of Teen Relationship Abuse Relationship Abuse

Every parent expects to deal with some teen issues surrounding rejection and heartbreak as their kids go through their high school years. However, sometimes, getting dumped or rejected is the least of the problems a teen can endure. If you suspect your child is dealing with teen relationship abuse, it’s important to act now. Ignoring the signs of emotional or physical abuse could prove to be dangerous if not deadly.

Teen Self Esteem and Abuse: Is Your Teen Suffering?

If you’re aware that your teen is in a relationship, it’s always wise to watch out for any signs of a problem.

1. A Shift in Mood

If your normally happy-go-lucky teen suddenly begins to experience a sullen or depressed mood, don’t shrug it off as typical teen issues with moodiness. Something could be wrong.

2. Isolation

If your son or daughter normally likes to talk your ear off but then suddenly begins keeping to themselves, it could be a red flag. When a teen experiences emotional or physical abuse at the hands of someone they adore, it’s confusing. They love this person, and they don’t want to get them in trouble, but now they’re being hurt, and they have no idea what to do.

It’s normal for teens to be distant from their parents at times, but if you notice them also distancing themselves from their friends and social groups, there’s reason to be concerned.

3. Controlling Behaviors

Does your son or daughter’s significant other always seem to keep tabs on them? Do they call and interrupt dinners or family time? Does your child seem nervous about upsetting their boyfriend or girlfriend? These could be signs that the relationship is controlling and abusive.

Seeking Help: Boosting Teen Self Esteem to Prevent Further Abuse

If you suspect your teen is being abused, the first step is to have a serious talk. Make sure your son or daughter knows they are safe, and that they can tell you anything they’re struggling with.

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