Self Help Activities For Teengage Girls To Raise Their Self Confidence

We all want to stand in our power, and have self confidence. Whether we are a teen girl or a 50-year-old woman we want to feel good about our self. There are so many things we can do to boost our self esteem but here is one that I love and use regularly. In my book My Feet Aren’t Ugly, I talk about how often we have negative thoughts about our self and what we can do to change our way of thinking.

First of all start recognizing how many negative thoughts go through your head in a day, it’s shocking. The first time I brought awareness to that negative voice, which was lowering my self esteem daily, quite frankly, I was a bit embarrassed.  That voice inside our head that thinks we aren’t good enough, aren’t pretty enough and that we just aren’t very lovable, is our enemy.  We need to really hear what it is saying and realize this is a part of ourselves that will not be the voice that helps us improve our self confidence, on the contrary, it does the opposite.

So, after listening to this evil voice in our head for a day, it’s time to take the second step that will help us teach this voice a lesson.  Every time that voice says anything that is not making you feel good about yourself, pinch yourself (not hard) and back it up with something positive.  It would look like this:

Evil Voice: You can’t try out for the volleyball team, you’re not good enough!
Self Action: Pinch myself on the arm, again don’t draw blood, that’s not the point.
Loving Voice: I’m going to try out for the Volleyball team because I am good at Volleyball and would be a great team player.

You might start feeling a bit crazy because you’re going to feel like there are two people living inside you.  This is a good thing, because if there was only one, I’m afraid it would be the Evil one.  This is a great activity to develop yourself esteem and build your confidence. It’s an inside job so we have to be the ones to take the actions needed to start replacing the negative voice with our positive voice.

It’s a daily practice, so let me know how it’s going for you.
Keep Loving Yourself, Debra

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Teen and parenting mentor Debra Beck, who has spent over 20 years working with teens and parents, is a devoted mother, sought-after presenter, and author.  She has helped thousands of girls develop their self esteem. She now runs her popular parenting website,, publishes the “Empowered Teens and Parents” newsletter, encourages girls to be the best “young women” possible, and gives moms and dads the understanding they need to help their girls mature with pride and confidence.  Debra has helped thousands of teenage girls with their self-esteem.  Her award-winning book “My Feet Aren’t Ugly: A Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself from the Inside Out”, has been revised and updated for re-release in September 2011 with Beaufort Books.

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