Private 2 Day Recharge Retreat for Moms

Are you exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed
with all of the demands of being a mom?

Need to recharge?

– Mom! Can you take me to Jenny’s house?
– Mom! Will you take me to the mall?
– Mom! Can I have a bunch of friends over tonight?
– Mom! Don’t forget to wash my tights for tomorrow!

Remember when you had a name?

Seriously Mom!
When did you stop being you?
When did you start being someone’s servant?
When did motherhood become your sole identity?

Recharge, revitalize and renew yourself in 2 days,
with a private retreat facilitated by teen parenting expert, Debra Beck

No Kids Allowed at Retreat for Mom

Well, now is the moment to make time for yourself!

2-Day Expansive One-on-One Mother’s Retreat

– Do you want to be best person you can, for yourself and your family?
– Does your family think you’re just a machine, that you’re not human?
– Are you questioning your parental skills?

As a woman and especially a mother, you tend to take care of everyone except yourselves. Your family depends on you so heavily that it’s easy to forget that you have needs, too.

Mom, it is critical for you to know how take care of yourself before you can show up for anyone else. You can’t constantly give up on yourself.  You wouldn’t let your children do it to themselves, nor would you let your best friend or spouse… So why do you let it happen to you?

You’re not alone.  In fact, this is a worldwide epidemic!  Mothers have been doing this since the beginning of time–and ignoring your needs and desires isn’t going to make your family better!  The only thing it’s going to do is make you unhappy.

You deserve happiness and your family deserves a happy you too!

As a mom, you DESERVE to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew yourself.

On this one-on-one private retreat you will:

  • Learn how to rejuvenate yourself regularly, and improve your family life.
  • Learn the art of self-empathy and self-forgiveness.  
  • Know how to effectively examine and understand your feelings, so you can be the happiest you that you can possibly be.
  • Improve your parenting skills to reduce stress, anger, and hurt… And instead nurture understanding, joy, and love.
  • Take a break from your family so you can clarify your thinking and return restored and strengthened.

Mom, it is critical for you to learn how to take care of yourself before you can show up for anyone else.

If you are always giving and never recharging your battery, you will feel depleted and you will become tired and resentful.

Do You React or Respond to Your Family?

Learning more about how and why we behave the way we do, helps us achieve the insight we need to be a better person. In doing this, we enable ourselves to show up for our family through love and understanding, rather than our fears.

Join me, Debra Beck, and finally relax and shut down from all the worries of being a mom in beautiful Sedona, Arizona and the relaxing Junipine Resort.

Retreats in Sedona Arizona
Retreats at the Junipine Resort

Wait! Who is Debra Beck?

DebraDebra Beck Beck is the Award Winning Author of My Feet Aren’t Ugly, A Girl’s Guide To Loving Herself From The Inside Out, she is a sought after speaker, a devoted mentor for teenage girls and parents, and has even been featured on E’s hit Reality Show “Ms. Eastwood and Company” (in an actual mentoring session!).

With 20 plus years experience in self-development, and first-hand awareness of how difficult these years can be, through being a tormented teenager and parenting two teenagers herself, she has found her life’s work. She has created and facilitated her own workshops, girls groups, retreats, parenting groups and individual mentoring through Empowered Teens and Parents.  And now, she has created a new retreat for Mom’s JUST like you!

Burnout is easier for a mother today than one might think. 

In fact, 88% of working mothers have reported that they have suffered a stress-related health problem at some point in the last year.  And stay-at-home mothers are reported by Gallup to more likely to suffer from anger, depression, and sadness altogether!

It’s simple: mothers aren’t giving themselves a break.

And the consequences of not giving ourselves a break is that we suffer from maladies such as depression, insomnia, and even heartburn… all from stress!  In fact, over $40 Billion dollars is spent annually on stress-related medications and therapy… Yikes!

Facts are facts–failing to manage your stress and take breaks cost you more in money and happiness than can be fathomed.  Don’t be a victim to your habits!

Are you ready to arm yourself with a lifelong stress management strategy?  Are you ready to get away and rejuvenate yourself?

There is no better time than now!

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Junipine Resort
Junipine Inn

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Click to schedule a sessionBecause of the intimate nature of this retreat, I am qualifying each attendee before they pay a single dime or sign up.  I want to be 100% certain that this is something that you NEED right now–and that you’re READY to take action and make change in your life.  

To find out if you qualify, sign up for your FREE and confidential consultation with me, Debra Beck.

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Keep Loving Yourself,
Debra Beck

Learn more about the Award Winning Book My Feet Aren't Ugly by Debra Beck