Slang Words for Drugs for Teens

Avoid Teen Issues by Watching for Drug-related Slang Words Slang Words for Drugs for Teens

As parents, we’re often told to keep an eye on what our teens are doing with their phones. The choice to monitor all text messages and web activity is up to the individual parent. It makes sense to allow well-behaved older teens their privacy, but for younger teens, keeping an eye on social media can be a smart way to avoid teen issues.

Monitoring Social Media to Check for Teen Issues: Slang Words to Watch For

If you’ve made the decision to keep track of what your kids do online, you might be faced with a new problem. You can’t understand anything they’re saying! Teen speak has always been difficult to decipher, but these days, with all the acronyms, abbreviations, purposeful misspellings, and other forms of text slang, it can be harder than ever. If drugs are your concern, use this quick guide to drug-related terms to stay informed.

1. Heroin

Heroin can be referred to as antifreeze, big H, tar, poison, smack, skag, brown sugar, golden girls, or dope. The term cheese is used to reference mixing heroin with diphenhydramine, an over the counter allergy medicine.

2. Meth

Methamphetamine has many street terms, including crank, dope, ice, glass, speed, and chalk. If you notice these words in your teen’s text slang, it’s time to have a talk.

3. DXM

This is an over-the-counter cough medicine that’s commonly abused by teens due to its easy accessibility. Your teens may refer to the abuse of this medication as robo-tripping or dexing. The drug itself has many nicknames, including tussin, candy, and velvet.

You should also watch for references to triple C or CCC. This is referring to the abuse of an over-the-counter medication called Coricidin HBP Cough and Cold.

4. Prescription Medications

This is perhaps the category a parent should be most concerned with. Prescription opiate drugs like OxyContin are commonly abused and can be very dangerous. Watch for slang words like oxy, hillbilly heroin, blue, O, killers, and kickers.

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