Social Media Effect on Teenagers

Teen Technology: Is Your Teen Learning Healthy Communication? Social Media Effect on Teenagers

Part of teen self esteem is being capable of positive interaction with peers. When a teen feels that her presence is pleasing to the people around her, confidence will grow. No matter what teen issues or personalities are present, there is almost always someone willing to be a friend. On social media, it’s easy to lose sight of that truth.

Social Media and Teens: A Distanced Interaction

Teen technology allows young people to connect with peers all over the planet. This is a beautiful thing, but it also has a nasty downside. The separation and possible anonymity of the Internet also allows people to be incredibly cruel to each other. As teens spend more and more time online, will they also be losing many of the treasures that come with real-life interaction?

It isn’t to say that real-life interaction will stop. Kids still leave the house, hang out together, go to school and take on part-time jobs. The fear isn’t that online interaction will take over for the real world but rather that it will change the way real-world communication takes place, and not for the better.

Assertive Communication versus Passive-Aggressive Subtweeting

Things are already shifting. People are far more likely to confront someone online rather than in real life. Often, those confrontations are done with incredible passive aggression.

One common aspect of teen technology is subtweeting, the practice of commenting on a real-life person or situation without directly stating the subject matter. Adults are guilty of this too, but it’s particularly prevalent in the younger population. When teens repeatedly practice passive-aggressive behavior versus learning how to assert themselves, they are not going to grow into adults who can be diplomatic and productive members of the work force. These issues are affecting things in subtle ways, and although the effects might not be easily noticed just yet, it’s safe to say they present a danger to everyone who hopes to live in a happy and healthy society in the future.

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