Spotting Depression in your Teen

Working on Teen Depression at a Mother Daughter Retreat Spotting Depression in your Teen

Teen issues with moodiness are common, which makes it harder to spot the signs of depression. Statistics show that up to 20 percent of all teenagers experience depression at some point before reaching adulthood. If you’re worried, you have good reason to be.

As parents, we must watch for signs of teen depression. By keeping a close eye on our kids, we can face any problems that arise head on.

1. Loss of Interest

If your daughter seems to be losing interest in the sports, hobbies, or activities she once enjoyed, it could be a sign of depression. Interests can change over time, but they’re usually replaced by new interests. Depression can cause a person to lose their zest for life and stop doing things all together.

2. Isolation

Teen issues with isolation are common. These days, it’s far too easy to remain locked in a bedroom browsing the internet rather than participating in society. It’s okay to enjoy solitude, but if you notice your daughter has stopped spending time with friends, she might be struggling.

3. Loss of Self-worth

If your daughter was once confident but now seems to be lacking teen self esteem, depression might be to blame. Depression and anxiety can cause teens to doubt themselves. They may realize that something is wrong but not understand what. They may blame themselves rather than understanding they have a medical condition.

4. Dietary Changes

Teen depression can manifest in different ways. Many depressed teens lose their appetite and begin to experience rapid weight loss. Others tend to overeat, using the rush of a tasty treat to numb feelings of sadness. If you notice changes in your teen’s weight or dietary habits, something might be wrong. Be careful about addressing the subject directly, however. Pointing out noticeable weight gain could cause hurt feelings and make the situation worse.

If you’re worried, consider signing up for a mother daughter retreat. Breaking away from your normal environment can help your daughter open up. If you get the issues out on the table, you’ll have a better idea of how to move forward.

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