Don't Be a Fixer: Letting Teens Handle Their Own Problems

Parents are fixers. They treat minor injuries, smooth quarrels between siblings, and take care of broken toys. When teen issues start to arise, you’ll likely feel the urge to fix those as well. The problem is that you can’t.

Teen Self Esteem: Learning Lessons Through Tough Choices

Teens develop confidence by making their own decisions. They learn from enduring the consequences of their actions. If they're wise, they'll make better choices over time. As they witness themselves going through this process, they slowly develop confidence.

As teens get older, they should be given some responsibility. This means that if you allow them freedom, and they make a bad decision, they’ll have to live with the results.

If you try to fix every problem situation your teen stumbles into, you’ll rob them of important life lessons. Instead, provide a listening ear. Let them know you relate to the problem they’re facing. Make sure they know you’re available when they need to discuss the issue. The key is to avoid trying to become a problem solver. You’ll likely feel the urge to, but if you can hold back, you’ll earn the joy of watching your teen get through it on their own.

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