Stress Reduction For Teenagers

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My Feet Aren’t Ugly

“Stress can do quite a bit of harm to your body and your emotional health. Work on keeping your stress levels low. One way of keeping your stress levels down is by taking care of business. Don’t let things pile up.”

I was Mentoring a 14-year-old the other day and the main topic was the stress she had last year, due to her bad grades.  When we got to the root of the problem, it was because she would leave her homework to the last minute and then the anxiety was so bad at that point, that she couldn’t even complete her homework. She had a lot of incomplete assignments, therefore her grades suffered.

The pressure of school is bad enough without compounding it by letting your homework pile up.  My suggestion is to commit to coming home after school, grabbing a bite to eat, and then putting in at least 1 hour everyday. Complete your priorities first, and if you don’t have any homework, great go hang out with friends. If you do have homework, no matter how little, do it before you hang out with friends.  If you wait until 9:00 at night, you’re more likely to blow it off.

Once you get into this rhythm, it will make your life so much easier and stress free.  Having constant stress affects us in our entire life. Here are some of the effects of constant stress:

  • Our mood is crappy (we start snapping at the people in our lives)

  • We could get headaches

  • We might not sleep well

  • We could get stomachaches

  • It could affect our grades

  • It effects our health and well-being. The effects don’t sound so good, do they? I agree. I would much rather be on top of my homework and get decent grades and have fun with my friends because I don’t have anything unfinished hanging over my head. Keep looking at this and try it for a couple of weeks and let me know how it is going for you.

    Keep Loving Yourself,

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  1. My 15 old freshman daughter has had a ruff first year of high school. Many of her friends have turned on her and tell her they don’t want to be friends anymore. Her grades have suffered, she had previously been on the honor role. Emotional bullying has been an ongoing issue. Her so called friend of 9 years suddenly is harassing her and making fun. My daughter wears her heart on her sleeve, as they say. She is confident around those who accept her, however she has a hard time ignoring the negativity. Twitter is a major source for her enemies to harass each other without mentioning names. I am filled with so much anger and I know this isn’t the answer. I have told her its okay to feel hurt, but you have to hold your head high. She often avoids talking about it and when we do she tends to meltdown and say she Hayes high school. I read yor advice on journaling and this is something I haven’t tried, so I am thinking this will help express her feelings.

    Anymore addvice?

    Mother in need!!!


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