September 2

Stress…Watch out for it!


Well, Sorry I haven’t Blogged in a week, but I was in the hospital…Yuk!

Friday night I got a big oh pain in my right side and Saturday morning went to the emergency room, thinking I had appendicitis. They ran a bunch of test and found a very inflamed colon.

How could this be, I eat all the right foods, and even take supplements for inflammation, and stomach care. None of it made any sense at all.

Then I did a bit of reading and found out that it could possibly be STRESS. Well, looking at the life I have created and what I have put on my plate, it didn’t surprise me. I decided to get my book out and read the chapter on Stress Reduction. It’s right there in my own words:

“Stress can do quite a bit of harm to your body and you emotional health”.


No kidding! I was shocked, even though I have read about stress and at some level participated in its unruly actions, nothing like what I experienced with my poor inflamed colon.

I knew it could be destructive to our bodies and emotional health, because of what I have read; now I know it first hand.

I am slowly removing things off my plate, getting things done on my time. I’m kicking off the things that have caused me grief and aren’t worth having on my plate in the first place.

I have started meditating again; this slows me down and starts my morning out with the intentions I want to set for the day. Check out Sarah Mcleans website on meditation Sedona Meditation Training

Check in with yourself and make sure your plate isn’t so full you can’t carry it anymore. Do you have feelings of anxiety? How is your sleeping? Are you having any aches or pains that are unusual? Just check in before the stress does any damage.