Strong Boundaries Create Happy Teens

Setting Boundaries: How Limits Can Help You Avoid Teen Issues Strong Boundaries Create Happy Teens

Setting boundaries is one of the tough parts about being a parent. Being a parent is easy when you’re being silly with your kids, buying them presents or enjoying fun times together. It’s a lot harder when the teen issues start showing and it becomes time to lay down the law.

The Importance of Limits: Why Teenagers Need Them

Some teens mature faster than others. If you have a mature, well-spoken teen, she might start to convince you that she’s all grown up. However, all teens are still developing, and even if they seem mature, they still need firm boundaries in place. Limits help a teen stay safe and healthy while learning to make adult decisions.

Feeling Loved: How Limits Show You Care

Some parents try to show their love by being best friends with their children, but a lack of healthy discipline can make a teen feel insecure. When a young woman sees that her parents don’t care where she goes or what she does, she might begin to wonder why she doesn’t matter. On the surface, she might act happy, but many kids who lack discipline end up acting out to get a parent’s attention.

Setting Limits Together: Work Through Conflict at a Mother Daughter Retreat

As your teen matures, you can slowly allow her to take more responsibility over her life and set her own boundaries. You can also discuss the rules together. Being the adult doesn’t have to mean operating like a dictator. If your daughter wants a later curfew, allow her to make her case. If she thinks she’s old enough to date, let her explain why. Even if you choose to put your foot down, she will still see that she’s respected enough to be heard.

A mother daughter retreat is a great place to sit down and have such discussions. When you step away from your regular life, you see things in a new way. I offer online retreats for moms and daughters to work through teen issues together. Please contact me for more information today.

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