Summertime Blah for Teens

Summertime Blah for TeensTips for Keeping Teens Happy and Active During Summer

Summer is about rest, relaxation and having fun, but for a teen who is growing bored at home, it can also be a recipe for disaster. Boredom can lead teens into trouble, so parents who want to keep their households in order will want to schedule some activities to keep their kids mentally stimulated and physically active throughout the summer months.

1. Summer Camp

Camp can be an amazing experience for teens. Whether your son or daughter is interested in a summer job as a camp counselor or simply attending as a camper, there are plenty of great opportunities for teens during the summer months. Along with traditional sleep-away camps, be sure to look for programs that align to your teen’s interests. There are math camps, dance camps, sports camps and just about every other type you can imagine.

2. A Part-time Job

If you aren’t into the idea of your teen being so far away during the summer, a job at a local business might be a better option. Not only will a summer job occupy enough time to prevent boredom, but it will also provide your teen with spending money for concerts, amusement parks and other fun summer activities. It’s never too early to begin learning the value of a dollar, either.

3. Family Activities

One benefit of summer is having more time to spend together as a family. If you’re able to get away from work and other responsibilities, now might be a great time to plan a family vacation. It might not be top of the list of activities your teen would get excited about, but making memories together is always a valuable thing.

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