Tackling Teen Issues: The Pressure for Sex

Tackling Teen Issues: The Pressure for SexTeen Issues

With hookup culture becoming a prevalent teen issue, many parents are wondering if anything can be done. Teens have always had sex, and it’s always scared their parents, but never in history has casual sex been so celebrated. Then again, it’s not always the casual encounters that are the most dangerous. It’s the casual encounters that are dressed up as something more.

The Dangers of Rushing Sex: Regret and Embarrassment

A study of more than 1400 undergraduate students found that both men and women experience a variety of consequences after casual sex, including:

  • Emotional struggles.
  • Feelings of embarrassment.
  • A loss of self-respect.
  • Problems with an existing romantic or sexual partner.

This study involved older participants, but it makes sense that a teen, whose self-esteem is still developing, would suffer even worse consequences. Sometimes, these consequences show up after a night of wild partying or a moment of weakness. Other times, they are a result of a direct betrayal.

If a teen is against casual sex but gets talked into it by a partner who falsely claims the act is a symbol of love, the pain and regret might be even worse. It’s important to get your daughter to understand that anyone pushing her to do things she isn’t ready for is not a good partner. This is especially true if the person is using manipulative tactics to get their way, like pointing out that everyone else is doing it.

Slowing Things Down: Teaching Teens Morals

The easiest way to protect against these dangers is to simply save sex and physical affection for serious relationships. Your daughter might roll her eyes when you suggest such a thing, but if you catch her in a receptive moment, you might be able to get the message across. It’s important to remember that morals don’t develop overnight. You might not think you’re having an influence, but she could remember your words when she needs them the most.

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