Teaching Your Teen How To Handle Emotions

When a Teen Clings to Negative EmotionTeaching Your Teen How To Handle Emotions

Teen emotions can be difficult to figure out, especially when it seems like your teen is upset about something you view as silly. If your teen clings to small disappointments, such as failing a test or getting into an argument with a friend, she might need some help getting into a better emotional place.

When a Teen Clings to a Negative Situation: Helping them Move Forward

Positive Focus

If possible, try to help your teen see the good in every situation. If she’s just been dumped, remind her that she is now single and available for the future partner of her dreams. If she’s struggling with a certain class, help her see that this provides her the opportunity to study extra hard and make herself proud. There is always good to be found. You just have to get creative. This is a great life skill to develop at a young age, and it can lead to improved teen self esteem.

Releasing Techniques

Some alternative techniques might be able to offer relief when a teen is stuck in a negative loop. Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a simple calming exercise that involves deep breathing and tapping on certain parts of the body while focusing on releasing a negative thought. Another helpful release technique is ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian meditation designed to help release negative thoughts and create a positive state of mind.

Simple Relaxation

If your teen isn’t into the idea of trying these techniques, something as simple as a funny movie or some uplifting music might help. You could also try doing a mother-daughter dance class or another fun activity together.

Creating a Positive Lifestyle: Working on a Long-term Plan

If your teen struggles with depression and negative thinking, an online retreat might help. My retreats are easy to fit in a busy schedule and great for sorting through complex teen emotions. We also focus on teen self esteem, which is the foundation for healthy decision making. If this sounds interesting, please contact me today for more information.

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