Teaching Teens about Kindness

Teaching Teens about Kindness 

Teen kindness often seems fleeting. Compassion is a fundamental part of a healthy human mind, but good behavior must be taught. If you’re witnessing bullying or unflattering behavior from your daughter, it might be time to evaluate what you’re teaching her. Low teen self esteem often leads to the bad treatment of others.

Encourage Leadership

Try to teach your teens to stand up for what they believe is right. A lot of teens follow the crowd and fear making waves that could mess up their lives. If your daughter witnesses another girl being shunned or gossiped about, encourage her to offer kindness to that girl. She might not feel comfortable directly confronting the bully, but she can still offer friendship to someone who really needs it.

Consider Different Perspectives

Life is difficult, and teen self esteem is typically low. Many people are just going through the motions on autopilot. Rather that living as their authentic selves and working to learn and grow, they are simply existing. Many other people are so filled with anxiety, worry and other forms of tension that they snap the second someone challenges them.

Part of kindness is understanding the perspectives of others. Many people tend to only think about things from one perspective. For example, if they have a rude interaction with a stranger in public, they will assume the stranger is a horrible person rather than considering they might be having a rough day. Teenagers are naturally selfish, but they’re still capable of empathy. If you encourage them to think outside the box and consider the feelings and circumstances of others, they will begin to practice that way of thinking and utilize it throughout their lives.

Be a Good Influence

Teens are capable of recognizing hypocrisy, and if you don’t practice what you preach, they’ll pick up on it. Think carefully before you mock a politician or make fun of a coworker at the dinner table. You’re the best influence your children have, and if you want them to work on themselves, you must do the same.

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