Teen Issues with Personal Hygiene: Important Life Lessons

When most parents worry about teen issues, they think about things like sex, drugs and disobedience. However, one of the most important factors in a healthy teen’s life is something that isn’t spoken about very often.

Developing a strong dedication to personal hygiene at a young age is crucial for a healthy and happy life. Yet, far too many teens are not being taught that this should be a priority.

The Social and Financial Consequences of Poor Hygiene

Children who are not taught proper hygiene often struggle with it throughout their lives. Teens who never get in the habit of brushing their teeth could end up missing out on potential dating partners because of the problem. The same goes for unpleasant body odor, dirty nails, noses and ears, or insufficient bathroom hygiene, which could especially pose a problem when your teen grows older and begins engaging in an active sex life.

Teen issues with dating are the least of the concern. Most professional jobs require that employees maintain proper hygiene, and if a teen never learns these standards, future employment prospects could be bleak.

Inspiring a Love of Hygiene

Teen issues with laziness are common, and that factor is often the biggest reason why they struggle with hygiene. You can help by providing products and techniques that can make cleaning up fun. Invest in some high-quality soaps and other hygiene products that will turn shower time into an invigorating self-care treatment.

When it comes to other aspects of personal care, it’s best to go over your own hygiene routine and the tips and tricks you’ve developed over the years. If you’re a single dad with daughters, consider asking a close female friend or family member to discuss menstrual hygiene with your girls. They will be more comfortable hearing these things from a woman.

Talking to teens about personal hygiene can be touchy, and the last thing you want is to hurt your child’s feelings. If you need a little guidance with this conversation, please contact me today. My mentoring experience has taught me a lot about tough conversations, and I can help you approach this subject with sensitivity.  

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