Teaching Young Girls about Their Rights

Avoiding Teenage Issues by Teaching Women’s Rights Teaching Young Girls about Their Rights

An important aspect of mother daughter relationships is encouraging teen self-esteem. If your daughter doesn’t have a strong grasp on women’s rights before she reaches puberty and becomes interested in dating, how can you expect her to know how to protect herself?

The Importance of Mother Daughter Relationships in Encouraging an Understanding of Women’s Rights

1. Preach Body Positivity

Part of strong self-esteem is loving your body, not because it’s sexy or looks good to men, but because it’s a stunning biological machine that keeps you alive every day. Promote strong teen self-esteem by showing your daughter that you are loving and thankful toward your own body. Make sure she understands that the value of her body is not based on how attractive she is to boys.

2. Explain the Importance of “No”

The ability to say no is crucial in a young girl’s life. Make sure your daughter understands that she does not have to please boys. The boys might try to shame or guilt her into doing things she doesn’t want to do. They might try to tell her “all the other girls are doing it”. These common teen issues can lead to frightening consequences, and young girls need to be prepared. The ability to say no is a life skill that’s very important for maintaining women’s rights.

3. Show that Women Can Do Anything

You’re always going to be the top influence in her life, but it can be helpful to bring other strong women, such as aunts, grandmothers and family friends, into the discussion. The more strong women your daughter has to look up to, the less she’ll be dragged down by the misogyny that still unfortunately exists in this world.

Strong Teen Self-esteem Can be a Shield Against Teenage Issues: Consider a Mother Daughter Retreat

With busy schedules and everyone in the family going in a different direction each week, it can be difficult to find a time to sit your daughter down for a talk about teenage issues. Escaping for a few days to a retreat can be the perfect solution. At our retreats, there are no distractions getting in the way, so you can truly connect, converse about women’s rights and generally enjoy your time together.

For more information about raising daughters that respect themselves, please contact me today. I offer mentoring services that can promote teen self esteem and awareness.

Mother Daughter Retreats: Bonding for Moms and Daughters of All Ages

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